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The Weight Loss Secret that Makes All the Difference

By August 4, 2017Weight Loss

Losing weight can be effortless for some people but is not always easy for most of us. If you have been trying to lose weight and haven’t seen any results, it’s time to make a to attain your goals.  

Well, that being said, you first need to know your requirements and why your body is not reacting the same way to a diet as your skinny friend’s.  


No ‘One Size Fits All’ 

Since everyone is different, there is no one precise answer to dieting. According to Richard Weil, M.Ed., CDE, Director of the New York Obesity Research Center Weight Loss Program at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center in NYC, your physician will be able to tell you what is needed. 

A doctor can help you pinpoint and understand the reasons why you are not able to succeed in losing weight, and suggest healthy ways to attain your goals.  

To discover the real secret to weight loss, bring up these 3 simple points at your doctor’s appointment.

Your previous plans and goals 

If you have tried various strategies to lose weight but were not able to keep it off, you must honestly discuss this with your doctor and describe the pitfalls and reasons that could have kept you from shedding those pounds. Discussing your weaknesses will allow you to understand what you may be doing wrong and how to change your existing diet and routine to have a better health.

Further, you need to share lifestyle changes or medications you’re taking. Both of these could have adverse effects on your weight loss progress. Your doctor will also want to know whether you are ready for making the positive changes and sticking to it for longer.

2. What would be the best program to follow 

Since there are numerous weight loss diets, workouts, pills, and programs, it can be challenging for an individual to find the right weight loss secret for them. After assessing your health and calculating your BMI, your doctor will be best able to tell you about the most effective way that will work on your body.

You must also understand what amount of weight you need to lose to attain your ideal weight while not compromising your health. Ask for methods that maintain the nutrition and energy level of the body while losing a considerable amount of fat from your problem areas.

3. How to work around pre-existing health conditions 
It is a must to visit your health care provider before you try to make changes in your diet and lifestyle, especially if you have a health condition.

For example, having weak bones and joints pains can keep you from doing exercises directly affecting your weight. Exercising with such health conditions can be dangerous and may cause irreversible damage to your body. Also, some diets may affect the way your body functions and interfere with the medicines you take. Don’t forget to make a list of health problems and the medicines you take on a regular basis.

Besides a doctor can also help you understand how to set a realistic goal and how much time you may need to wait before seeing any results. If you are not comfortable with any plan that you are asked to follow, don’t hesitate to ask for other options and strategies that are available. Your physician may also recommend you a trusted dietician, who may help you to manage your weight in a healthy way.


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