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Choosing Between a Low-Carb or a Low-Fat Diet

By July 23, 2018Eating Healthy, Weight Loss

Weight loss, for many, is essential as it not only helps you to feel better but also keeps away some diseases that are caused by being overweight. An important factor to consider when trying to reduce your weight or stay slim is diet. Following an appropriate diet, such as a low carb diet will help you to lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight once you reach it. 

For over a decade now, many nutritionists and dieters have sworn by low carb diets. Some nutritionists have stated that being on a low carb diet helps people to lose weight as it is an effective way of cutting back on calories. Currently, a significant number of people are opting for low-fat diets. Some have even declared that it indeed is a better option.  

The Effectiveness of a Low-Fat Diet Over a Low-Carb Diet 

Some studies on this topic have indicated that a low-fat diet offers more benefits compared to a low-carb diet. One such study took a sample of 19 people who were obese. All of the participants followed a diet of 2700 calories per day. The participants were then split into two groups. While both groups equally cut down their intake of calories by one third, one group followed a low-fat diet while the other followed a low-carb diet.  

At the end of six days, they compared the average weight loss from both groups. They found that the group that had cut back on fat had reduced weight by an average of about 1 pound. This number is higher compared to those that reduced their carbohydrate intake. The second group of people had an average weight loss of about a half a pound  

Is Reducing Carbs Better than Reducing Fat?  

As previously stated, a reduction in carbohydrate intake has helped a lot of people achieve weight loss.  This is partially because it can help the dieter to reduce their caloric intake. Additionally, it lowers the body’s insulin levels causing the body to use stored fat for energy. Some people argue that it might be a better option for those who are not being monitored by a nutritionist or participating in a study like the one discussed above.  

Science has also proved that there are benefits that come from eating healthy fat found in foods such as nuts or avocados. They can actually assist the body preventing the accumulation of unhealthy fat. Combining healthy fats with a low-carb diet has a proven track record of inducing weight loss in many people.  

Which of These Two Diets Makes a Better Option?  

Despite popular belief, there is not a “one size fits all” diet for everyone. Choosing between the two might be difficult since both of them have proved to facilitate weight loss. There hasn’t been enough research to prove that either of these diets will consistently result in a faster weight loss compared to the other. Different body types react differently to various diets. Therefore, you are free to choose either of them because they share a common goal.  

The decision you make should be informed by how well you can stick to the diet plan that you have chosen. For instance, if you have a liking for foods that have more carbohydrates, picking the low fat diet would be an easier option for you. That way, you will not find yourself giving into cravings. The same logic should be applied to people who will find it easier to cut down on their carbohydrate intake as opposed to foods that are high in fat.  

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People are often in a rush to find a diet that will lead to fast weight loss results. However, it is important to note that results often vary from person to person. Two people may eat the same portions of the same type of food every day, but that doesn’t mean that they will achieve the same results.  

The same thing happens in the case of low-carb versus low-fat diets. You might not necessarily experience the same results as others who are following the same type of diet as you. Therefore, your food preference should be your primary consideration as you choose one diet over the other. If you try one diet for a while and it doesn’t work, consider trying the other type. Just be sure that you are strictly following the plan you have opted for. 

In addition, you should know that other factors, such as exercising, can also help. You can also use supplements such as Phenofen which is designed to facilitate weight loss increasing your energy/metabolic rate and suppressing your appetite. The advantage of this supplement is that you can use it regardless of the dietary choice that you make.  

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