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What is Phentermine Hydrochloride?

phentermine - adipex - phenofen

Phentermine Hydrochloride is a prescription weight loss and appetite suppressant drug. It is a schedule 4 controlled substance in the United States. This means that the only way to obtain Phentermine 37.5 is to see a doctor and get a prescription that can only be filled through registered pharmacies. It is not legal to get this medication from a friend or family member, nor is it legal to share it with others. This prescription can come with major side effects that need to be monitored by a doctor. It can also be habit forming, so a medical professional needs to be in charge of dosage, especially when stopping use. The typical dosage for this drug is 37.5 mg, taken in the morning just before or with breakfast. Some side effects may require some users to eat a small meal when taking this medication.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect With Phentermine?

On average, individuals who take Phentermine (or its brand name, Adipex-P) lose about 1 pound of weight per week. However, this is not some magic diet pill. The user must put in work to create the change that this pill helps along. This medication is typically prescribed to individuals who are considered obese and whose weight poses a risk to their overall health. This prescription is also prescribed alongside rigid changes in diet and exercise.

Your doctor will find out how much you are eating and how active you are. He or she will then guide you toward the proper amount of food consumption and exercise in order to attain healthy weight loss goals. Obesity can cause a wide array of comorbid disorders that can be very detrimental to your overall health. Just some of these include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and even premature death. There are also recent studies that are examining the correlations between obesity and certain types of cancers. Obesity is a serious risk to your health and is something that you should address if you believe you are overweight or obese.

Can I Buy Phentermine Without a Prescription?

While it may be physically possible to get this schedule 4 drug without a prescription, this is extremely dangerous for many reasons:

  • phentermine - phenofenIt is illegal. If you are caught possessing Phentermine Hydrochloride without a prescription, you can be arrested and charged. If you are caught distributing this drug and are not a licensed doctor, then you will face even more legal trouble than with simple illegal possession.
  • Not only is it illegal to possess or distribute this medication without a prescription, it is extremely dangerous. As briefly mentioned above, this drug can be highly addictive and can also come along with some major side effects. It’s important that a doctor is monitoring your side effects and ensuring that you are taking the correct dose or if you should continue taking this drug at all. It is a stimulant and classified as an amphetamine, so your doctor may even need to lower your dose slowly over time to safely stop use. Users typically don’t take this medication for any longer than 12 weeks at a time for safety reasons.
  • Another huge issue today is the ability to illegally purchase drugs through the internet. There could be nothing more dangerous than this. You have no idea where these pills are coming from, what is in them, or if you could fall ill or die from consuming them. Bottom line, never try to illegally obtain prescription drugs online or anywhere. This practice is a far greater risk to your health than your obesity. Nothing is worth risking your life. Talk with your doctor to get a prescription or to help you find a safe over the counter alternative option.
  • If you have a doctor’s prescription, you may be able to fill it through an online pharmacy. You should always, however, ensure that you are using a licensed and registered pharmacy. If you are interested in filling your legal prescription online, then ask your doctor about the best online pharmacies to use.

Over the Counter Alternatives

phentermine - phenofenWhile there are no over the counter options that offer the same ingredients as prescription Phentermine or Adipex-P, you can find natural alternatives that are believed to help boost metabolism and weight loss. These options can be especially ideal for those who have less weight to lose. Remember, this drug and its generics are typically intended for individuals who are considered obese and whose weight poses a risk to their overall health.

For those who can’t get a prescription for weight loss drugs, other more natural supplementation may be able to help you shed that excess fat. Keep in mind, just like with any prescription appetite suppressant, you will have to put in other work besides only taking a dietary supplement. You will need to make an effort to reduce your daily caloric intake as well as add physical activity to your weekly and/or daily routine.

There are many options for supplements intended to help boost weight loss. Many of these focus on trying to deliver similar results as Phentermine. While you won’t get the exact same results anywhere else, there are some awesome over the counter options like PhenoFen. This and other over the counter weight loss supplements are totally legal and safe for use by almost anyone. As with any supplement, you should speak with your doctor before adding to your daily dietary intake. You always want to be sure that you are ingesting supplements containing ingredients that are safe for you and that you are taking the right amount. Only your doctor can give you a professional opinion on this. They are also the one person who has access to your medical history to help you make that determination. Best of luck to you on the road to your ideal and healthy weight! Stay motivated and don’t let slip ups hinder your progress. You got this!

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