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Lectin Shield Supplement and how to use to combat lectins

By January 21, 2018Eating Healthy, Health Tips
lectin Shield

Lectin Shield and how the supplement can help you combat lectin rich foods.

Lectins are proteins found in many of the foods we eat every day and they could be killing you, or at least harmful to your health. It would be very hard to eliminate all the lectin rich foods from our diets, because they include those of the nightshade family like tomatoes and eggplant. This is why the supplement Lectin Shield is so important! 

Lectins are the natural defense mechanisms that are developed by plants and other life forms to protect themselves from predators, most of which are animals that want to eat them. In essence lectins are a low-level toxin. By triggering a negative response in predators, they are not a desirable source of nutrition. In this manner they increase their chances of survival. 

Most food allergies are associated with the following protein rich foods: 




Crustacean Shellfish 

Tree Nuts 




Many of these are high lectin foods and as such may be the cause of many symptoms diagnosed as food allergies, when in fact, it may be lectin poisoning causing the problems. Lectin Shield can help. 

Many of the plants with the highest amount of lectin are in our daily diets. These include: 

Grains – whole grains in particular 

Nightshade fruits and vegetables – white potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. 

Legumes – beans, lentils, peas 

Dairy – pasteurized milk and other dairy products. 

Nuts and Seeds – Grain seeds are the highest. 

Yeast – not much data available at this time. 

It should also be noted that different types of foods have different types and levels of lectin. Just because they are not on the list doesn’t make them safe. You can even find out more about lectins and Lectin Shield on Pinterest. Also, some of the plants with low levels of lectin have a more potent poison. Less doesn’t make the food source any better. 

When you consume plants with high or potent lectins they actually get attached to parts of your body, which in turn may result in inflammation and problems with your immune system, as well as digestive concerns. 


A Powerful Ally in the Protection from Lectins 

Lectin Shield was formulated to aid in the prevention of lectin attachment to your cells, the cause of most of the damage. It does what the name implies: Shields your body from the lectin you ingest daily. Lectin Shield is helpful in that it protects each area threatened by lectin poisoning: Digestive system, joints, inflammation (the causes of most human disorders), infections. 

These helpful ingredients are: 

Sodium Alginate – shields digestive system. Adds bulk to stool to aid in normal bowel movements. 

N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine – Helps by blocking the lectins from wheat, and also works as a pain reliever. 

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) – relieves joint pain by absorbing lectins. 

Bladderwrack – Sourced from seaweed, it helps by blocking lectins found in a wide range of foods. It is rich in fungal properties that help protect the body from yeast infections. 

Larch Arabingalactans – Sourced from the larch tree, it strengthens the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, helping protect against lectin damage. 

D-Mannose – This substance helps you by protecting your body from lectins found in legumes: beans, lentils, peas, peanuts. It also protects against dangerous bacteria. 

Okra Extract – Provides protection from a wide range of lectins. It also works to relieve joint pain, keeps the skin healthy, and supports “good” gastrointestinal bacteria, keeping digestive problems at bay. 

Sialic Acid – Creates a slippery barrier in the gastrointestinal tract, protecting it from the attachment of lectins from grains and berries. 

A side benefit of supplementing your system with Lectin Shield is the reduction of food cravings. It aids in lowering bloating and gas, thus relieving may of the digestive problems associated with lectin poisoning. It has also been reported that Lectin Shield provides an energy boost because your body is more efficiently absorbing the nutrients from the food you consume. You may actually lose weight while protecting your system from lectin! 

The formulator and supplier of Lectin Shield is confident that their product will provide the protection you need, plus they want to give you the most compelling reason to join the many people already getting this protection. There is NO RISK! The product comes with a 90-day guarantee that you may return the bottle if you are not 100% satisfied you are getting the results you want. In the unlikely event you do return the bottle, there will be a no-questions-asked refund of your purchase price. 

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