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14 Great Probiotic Foods for Increased Health and Weight Loss

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The secret is out. The answer to good health, good looks, and longevity are probiotics. These are the gut-friendly bacteria that live in our digestive tracts to help in digestion and nutrient absorption.  Probiotics will save you from taking another pill when it comes to digestive problems and more. Putting these microbes under the microscope reveal that their benefits go way beyond the digestive system. Have you been struggling with stomach aches, allergies, insomnia, diarrhea, heart conditions, weak immunity, or belly fat and obesity? If yes, you may very well be suffering from a lack of healthy gut bacteria. Below we will explore an extensive list of probiotic rich foods and their multiple health benefits.   Before we dive in, however, let’s find out more about the good bacteria that can help you live a healthier, happier life.  What are Probiotics?  Our bodies are full of bacteria, some good, and some bad. Probiotics are the good bacteria that feed on the harmful bacteria in a ‘cleansing’ fashion to keep your gut healthy.  Our ancestors scarcely suffered from the health complications that plague us today. So, where the onslaught of health issues begin? Processed foods. That was the Pandora’s Box, or the can of worms if you will. But of course, we can’t rule out antacids, hormone replacers, birth control, antibacterial soaps, steroids, and the overuse of antibiotics. …

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Top 11 Nutrition Myths from the Media

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Top 11 Nutrition Myths from the Media Today, you will find almost any health and nutritional advice in the internet. In fact, there are endless health solutions on the internet every day. Bloggers, pharmaceutical companies, food associations, and food companies keep feeding people with lies regarding what they think is right or wrong. You will come across information on food that you should avoid when you want to lose weight such as adhering to a certain number of meals or even a diet to follow when you want to drop pounds quickly. A lot of this information is wrong and you might, in fact, end up following the wrong nutritional diet or worse, end up gaining weight as a result of bad advice.   If you asked people what they think is right or wrong regarding a particular food, even without surfing the internet, you would definitely get different answers. The people are not to blame because most of them will give you information depending on what they have been told or what they have read. Confusion on nutrition and diet is getting worse and worse each day, and medical researchers and dietitians are working to debunk such myths by researching in relation to what people think about certain foods and diets.  This article…

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Healthy Kids Playing Ball Outdoors

Childhood Obesity Prevention Tips for Parents

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It’s vital for children to maintain a healthy weight. One of the most effective ways to guarantee this is a balanced diet. Balance is particularly important when it comes to the number of calories your child consumes and what kinds of foods they eat. As a parent or guardian, it’s your role to ensure you balance the calories your children drink and eat with those they use during normal growth and physical activity.   Teaching your kids healthy eating practices, including how to reduce empty calories like soda and candy, can make all the difference between your kid living healthily or struggling with their weight. Obese and overweight kids and teens alike need to learn how to eat a healthy, balanced diet that will prevent unhealthy weight gain while nourishing their bodies and promoting normal development and growth.   For most kids, being overweight is a result of unhealthy eating patterns, including excessive intake of calories, coupled with little to no physical activity. These habits can form early in childhood, making it necessary for parents to teach their children healthy practices from an early age.   This article suggests some lifestyle changes that can promote your kid’s health well into adulthood. Make sure to focus on improving your kid’s health, not simply reducing their weight. Unhealthy, restrictive relationships with food can result from too much focus on changing your child’s…

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Why Fasting Is Good for You: Types and Benefits of Fasting

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Why Fasting Is Good for You: Types and Benefits of Fasting  Is counting calories and adhering to a specific diet difficult for you? If so consider fasting as it can save you from this trouble. It boosts your metabolism and reenergizes your system among other benefits.   What is Fasting?   There is a common misconception that fasting is about starving yourself. No. It is about not eating within selected intervals of time. You will come across many diet tips with some contradicting each other. It can become overwhelming and you may end up giving up on the tips. It is a different case with fasting. It is about not eating for a given period.   Instead of eating three meals a day or small meals spread out through the day, you will set aside a given timeframe for eating. It can be certain hours during each day or given weekdays. Within this time, you are allowed to eat healthy meals.   You cannot feast on processed sugars and junk foods and still expect fasting to work for you. You must still adhere to a healthy diet loaded with nutritious whole foods such as whole grains, raw dairy, vegetables, fruits, proteins, and good fat. You can still enjoy some cheese and dark chocolate if you like!  Fasting does not tie you down to one way of living…

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