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February 2018

rebel wilson weight loss - celebrity weight loss

Rebel Wilson: Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

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Rebel Wilson has made recent headlines for her dramatic weight loss. The 37-year-old Aussie actress flaunted her new trim figure on social media, and her fans were pleasantly stunned by her astonishing transformation. Rebel was thrust into the limelight after her role as ‘Fat Amy’ in the popular movie “Pitch Perfect,” where she starred alongside Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, and Hailee Steinfeld. Rebel Wilson’s most well-known attributes are her plus size figure and her unique sense of humor. She once revealed to the press that her appearance had contributed greatly to her success. It set her apart from other actresses in Hollywood with more typical body types and this gave her a bit of an edge over them. The actress has since chosen to part with her characteristic look and has been spotted with a much slimmer physique. Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Journey Rebel Wilson began her weight loss journey in April of 2016. At that time, the movie star weighed almost 233 pounds. Towards the end of 2017, she announced that she had lost nearly 15 kgs, which is roughly equivalent to 35 pounds. The progress she has made so far has encouraged her to push forward and lose…

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mama june weight loss - mama june new look - june shannon

The New Mama June: Weight Loss And Stunning Transformation

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June Shannon, more popularly known as “Mama June” is a well-known reality TV star and mother to young beauty pageant queen, Honey Boo Boo. Ever since she came into the limelight, Mama June had been quite overweight. This is, however, not the case anymore. Recently, the TV star has been spotted with a much trimmer physique. The incredible Mama June weight loss story, which has been nothing short of dramatic, has stirred quite the buzz worldwide. Everyone is curious to find out how she was able to move from a size 28 to a size 4 in just a short period of time. Let’s talk about this amazing transformation and how this reality star went from “Not to Hot.” Who is Mama June? Mama June rose to stardom for her role on the reality TV show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” The show aired on TLC and revolved around the lives of child beauty queen, “Honey Boo Boo” and her family members. The show received numerous negative reviews with critics stating that Mama June had been exploiting her children. In addition, she was heavily criticized with many saying that she was responsible for the fact that her children were overweight. TLC canceled the…

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