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January 2018

lectin Shield

Lectin Shield Supplement and how to use to combat lectins

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Lectin Shield and how the supplement can help you combat lectin rich foods. Lectins are proteins found in many of the foods we eat every day and they could be killing you, or at least harmful to your health. It would be very hard to eliminate all the lectin rich foods from our diets, because they include those of the nightshade family like tomatoes and eggplant. This is why the supplement Lectin Shield is so important!  Lectins are the natural defense mechanisms that are developed by plants and other life forms to protect themselves from predators, most of which are animals that want to eat them. In essence lectins are a low-level toxin. By triggering a negative response in predators, they are not a desirable source of nutrition. In this manner they increase their chances of survival.  Most food allergies are associated with the following protein rich foods:  Milk  Eggs  Fish  Crustacean Shellfish  Tree Nuts  Peanuts  Wheat  Soybeans  Many of these are high lectin foods and as such may be the cause of many symptoms diagnosed as food allergies, when in fact, it may be lectin poisoning causing the problems. Lectin Shield can help.  Many of the plants with the highest amount of lectin are in our…

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