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6 Causes of Fluid Retention in the Body & How to Avoid Them  

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Fluid retention is associated with accumulation of water in the tissues. It is due by an imbalance in the level of the fluids in your body. The human body is made up of complex systems which constitute hormones which determine the liquid level in the body. Excessive consumption of water cannot cause a problem in the body because the hormones work in such a way they lead to the elimination of the fluids through urine or sweating. There are several causes of fluid retention in the body. Common causes of the fluid retention in the body include the following:



Insufficient intake of water will make the body start retaining more water as a way of surviving. The retention of water leads to swelling of tissues.  

Excessive sodium intake 

If you consume a lot of sodium, you will end up increasing the retention of water in your body. The body tries to balance the sodium levels by retaining more water which can be used to dilute the sodium.

Vitamin B6 deficiency 

Lack of vitamin B6 in the body lead to retention of more body fluid. For you to increase your levels of vitamin B6 in the body, you should increase your intake of bananas, potatoes, tuna, sunflower seeds, chicken, and pistachios.

Magnesium deficiency 

Magnesium plays a crucial role in the overall health of the body. If you have low levels of magnesium, you may end up suffering from fluid retention. Some of the richest sources of magnesium for you to eat include spinach, nuts, avocado, dried fruits and whole grains.  

Potassium deficiency 

Deficiency of potassium leads to improper functioning of organs and fluid imbalance. It plays a crucial role in the regulation of water balance in the body.

Processed foods 

Most processed foods are high in sodium and sugar. They are the main causes of fluid retention in the body.

There are several effective ways you can apply to get rid of fluid retention in the body. They include the following tips:

  1. Consume more vegetables and fruits.

    Fruits and vegetables are rich in flavonoids. The flavonoids are effective in eliminating excess water from the body.  

  2. Exercise regularly 

    You should exercise regularly to boost circulation in the legs. The compression of the muscles in your body allows the veins to excel fluids from the body through urine as well as sweat. You can as well reduce swelling by elevating the legs to the rest position. The elevation leads to acceleration of fluid movement from the body.

  3. Reduce the intake of salt

    High intake of salt is associated with more fluid retention in the body. You can lower your fluid retention levels through reducing the amount of salt you consume.

  4. Avoid showering with too hot water to prevent dehydration

    If you showed using too hot water, there are high chances you will prevent dehydration. Always try to regulate the temperature of the water you use to take showers each day.

  5. Avoid wearing tight clothes

    Tight clothes can impair circulation. You will help your body in getting rid of excess fluids if you can change your clothes that fit loosely.  

pancake recipe

It’s Low-Lectin Pancake Day! Pancake Recipe Included

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Pancakes are one of the most beloved breakfast foods in America, and today you’ll find that Mom’s pancake recipe is still delicious. However, there is one ingredient that is lurking in many so-called “health” foods today that may also be inside your everyday pancakes if you are still following a traditional pancake recipe. 

I’m talking about lectins, and they are found in many common everyday foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables including nightshades like eggplant, peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes, squash, legumes including beans, lentils, peas, along with seeds, nuts, and dairy. 

What Are Lectins? 

Lectins are plant-derived compounds that are actually pretty smart on the part of the plant. You see, back when humans roamed the Earth as Paleolithic creatures the plants wanted to protect themselves from us, as well as other animals. For this reason, many plants evolved to include phytochemicals such as lectins to cause intestinal distress to any animal that consumed it. 

So, the bottom line on lectins is that they simply are part of the Plant Paradox. The paradox of plant life in our everyday diets is that they want to survive too! And while all raw foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are naturally good-for-you foods, they can cause problems to your overall health if used improperly in the kitchen, or if they are overeaten. Lectins are one such substance that have been shown in clinical trials to cause intestinal inflammation, allergies, and even increased gut permeability often called “leaky gut.”1,2  

The Low-Lectin Pancake Recipe You’ve Been Craving! 

Possibly one of the best breakfast foods around, these low-lectin pancakes stack up to any traditional pancake recipe. Just try it out for yourself! 

Low-Lectin Pancake Recipe Ingredients: 

  • 1 large ripe banana 
  • 1 large free-range egg 
  • 1 Tbsp of coconut flour 
  • Slight drizzle of organic coconut oil to top 
  • Blueberries fresh, or frozen 

Pancake Recipe Directions: 

Chop the banana into small chunks, or if it is too ripe (which is actually good) just toss it into the blender with an egg, and a Tbsp. of low-lectin coconut flour. I find the smaller the pancakes, the easier they are to flip so, pour the batter gently into a small frying pan, or use a ladle. Cook on a medium heat in either olive oil, or coconut oil for roughly one minute on each side. You’ll know the pancakes are done when the edges are crispy, and brown. 

3 Other Low-Lectin Options for a Pancake Recipe (and more!) 

pancake recipe

A lectin-free diet is one very healthy way to eat! Here are just 3 other baking flours to use: 

  1. Almonds.Ground up almonds never looked so good as they do as a flour. This nutrient-dense all-purpose flour alternative is ideal for use in a low-lectin diet as it offers a sweet nutty flavor, along with a good source of essential fatty acids,and antioxidant Vitamin E.3  
  2. Sesame.Here, the tiny sesame seeds are ground up to make a flour. And that makes it easy to absorb all of the nutrients provided by this commonly used seed in Asian cuisine. Sesame flour can be used in baking or as a nutritional boost in smoothies, juices, salads, and another DIY health foods. Nutrients inside sesame flour include protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and a high level of essential fatty acids including that of Omega 3, 6, and 9.4 
  3. Sweet Potato.If you’re ready for a sweeter pancake, just add sweet potato. This slow-digesting carbohydrate is able to supply a lasting source of energy, and also a naturally sweet flavor that cuts sugar from any baked goods recipe.
  4. Blueberry. If you’re craving old-school blueberry pancakes, this Gundry-approved blueberry pancake recipe is the answer!  

Talk to Your Doctor 

Today, there are many foods on grocery store shelves masquerading as health foods. These so-called “health” foods often contain a range of filler ingredients made from all-purpose flour, sugar, and low-quality oils. For this reason, many people turn to fresh whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to maintain a healthy diet – but those foods could be causing your health problems as well. And that’s the Plant Paradox! 

That’s why it is so important to talk to your doctor about any changes that you make in your everyday diet. That way they can help you develop a dietary approach that not only meets your health needs, but that also eliminates any foods that could contain harmful phyto-chemicals like lectins. 

In the meantime, take this handy Plant Paradox Shopping List when you go to the grocery store. It’s the easiest way to remove harmful phyto-chemicals like lectins from your menu. Enjoy! 


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Excellent habits that healthy people have

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Excellent habits that healthy people have

We all know people that have great health and always seem to be full of energy and enthusiasm. The truth is that a lot of people fail to realize that there is a huge connection between the overall and health of a person and certain habits that most of them have in common. In this article we are going to be talking about those habits and how they can make you enjoy a healthier lifestyle too. We are only going to mention the habits that 99% of healthy people seem to have in common. This is going to prove to allow you to feel motivated to keep those habits as part of your daily checklist.

Healthy people always keep an eye on their general health

This is a very important habit and that means that healthy people always take the time to consider the importance of keeping their general health in check. They are always looking for ways to challenge their bodies and see if they are still able to perform as well as they did a week ago. This is definitely the kind of habit that you want to have in your life.

Always monitor the way that your endurance and your stamina are currently performing. Also be on the lookout for a lower level of energy as this could be a sign that something is not right with your body. Keep track of your health and you will always have an advantage by knowing when your body is not working as it should.

They keep track of what they eat

No one is saying that you have to become a crazy obsessed person that counts every calorie on a daily basis, but if you want to be a healthier person, you need to start considering the fact that you will be able to get the best results in your overall health if you always watch what kind of foods you eat. Healthy people are very aware of the difference between eating a hamburger or a pizza and eating a fish fillet with vegetables or a chicken breast with mashed potatoes.

The important thing to keep in mind with this advice is that you should always have a good idea of what kinds of food you can eat in order to keep your body as healthy as possible.

They try new habits that work

If there is something that healthy people often do, is to evolve and adapt to the kind of changes that they find to be beneficial for their health. You should be on the constant lookout for new thigs that you can do in order to keep your health at optimal levels. It could be a new supplement, a new exercise or even a new way of resting or meditating. The healthy person is always looking for new ways to make their body stronger and healthier.

They never quit and they work hard for their results

The healthy person is not just someone who is able to exercise and watch what they eat. The healthy person is also someone who knows that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to lose the weight they want to lose and have the body they want to have.

When you are faces with any kind of challenge and you feel that it’s becoming too difficult for you. The best way to get through this is to remind yourself that those obstacles are there so that only a few people can cross them. The question is, if you really have what it takes to be one of those people? You need to build your mental toughness in order to overcome any of those obstacles.


There are many things that a person can do in order to maintain their health at optimal levels, but the habits that we just mentioned seem to be essential and always present in all the successful people we have been able to read bout or interview. There are many individuals out there who wish they had a better looking body and they wish they could run faster and have energy to perform all kinds of physical tasks without feeling tired and drained in just a few minutes.

Keep your mind focused and always remember that the only way to reach your goals is to work very hard in order to make sure that you can earn the right to get to the finish line. All great things are difficult and they all require hard work and dedication.

How to Eat Healthy at Food Trucks

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Summer is a season full of festivals and carnivals that offer tons of food options, including food trucks.

Dale Green, a clinical dietician, gave some advice on eating healthy for those who prefer food truck meals.

First, Green suggested that before you even go out, to eat a full breakfast  so that you’re not hungry when you’re out at those food trucks. It’s like grocery shopping on an empty stomach; don’t do it!

Depending on what kind of outing you’re at, there may be a few food trucks to tens of different ones. Green suggested surveying the area before ordering, to explore all your available options.

Next, when eating healthy, consider the methods of cooking used.

“Avoid deep fat fried foods— the ideal choice is choosing things that are roasted, grilled, boiled or baked,” Green said. Stir fried food is a healthier option, but check to see what the cook is frying with. Canola oil is an okay option, and it’s becoming more popular in the food truck industry.

Green also suggested that one should take note of the ingredients used.

“While walking around the place, look for options with a lot of vegetables or fruits in them. These are going to have a lot of fiber and essential minerals such as potassium,” Green said. A high-nutrient meal with less calories is good for eating healthy as well as weight loss.

Green also said that most food trucks allow their customers to personalize their orders. “For instance, if you are watching carbohydrates, you can request them to serve your order without the bun, bread, or noodles.”

Tips to make a healthier meal

1. Little or no cheese: Let’s say you’re choosing a quesadilla, then the best option is choosing grilled chicken, a vegetable, fruit and perhaps little cheese- just for holding it together. “You have seen most fast food trucks serving the entrée with cheese,” Green said. “You have the option of saying light on the cheese.”

2. Top it off: “Salsa, pickles or mustard are the best options when it comes to toppings; avoid the ranch dressing and mayonnaise options especially for those who wish to spare their calories,” said Green.

3. Chose lean meat: Most fast food trucks have options–choose lean meats like pit beef, chicken, shrimp, tofu, or fish for your proteins. These are essential for muscle growth, enhancing brainpower, boosting metabolism, and maintaining a healthy weight. Fatty meat like bacon puts you at risk of stroke and heart disease.

4. Drinks: The choice of beverage you make is very important. For example, if you chose drinking soda, you will get an average of 400 calories – this is double the amount of calories in a recommended meal. Whenever possible, only drink water – it will save you money and boost your metabolism. According to a study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, drinking two glasses of water increases the metabolic rate by 30 percent.

5. Fruits: If you opt to take a smoothie, go for fresh fruits. On the other hand, if you want to add some proteins, go for yogurt or soy milk, if available.

6. Vegetarian: Most burger food trucks have vegetarian-friendly options such as a heart-healthy turkey burger or a black bean burger. Some fast food trucks also make their ice cream from purely natural ingredients like coconut milk and cashew.

7. Share: Lastly, Green suggested taking some close friends along with you to the food truck. According to some studies, sharing different food items with others means that you will eat less food. Moreover, taking friends with you has an added benefit that you will sample more offerings. You can also enjoy the surroundings together and have fun.

Moderation is essential; by following the above eating healthy tips, you can achieve your health goals and lose weight sustainably.

Why You Should Stop Eating at Night

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After many years of scientific uncertainty, the truth about the perils of eating at night has been revealed. Initial results of research work by Perelman School of Medicine have put questions to rest.

These particular scientists went on to discover that eating during the earlier parts of the day can be key in healthy dieting. Findings from the research were published in a press release from Penn University. They showed that eating in the evening and then raiding your fridge late at night can be very detrimental to your health. Most notably, this bad habit can adversely influence your weight and metabolism, along with the risk factors for developing heart disease and diabetes.

For 2 straight months, the scientists had a group of 9 healthy adults consuming 3 meals along with 2 snacks each day between 8 am to 7 pm. The study group was then given a break of several weeks, after which they were put on a more delayed feeding schedule. This eating pattern limited their meals and snacks consumption to between 12 pm and 11 pm each day. The researchers then assessed the alterations in the volunteers’ weight, metabolic rate and caloric burning. For the group fed later in the day, in the long run they discovered the weight, cholesterol, insulin, triglycerides, and fasting glucose levels skyrocketed. There were troubling hormonal upheavals registered as well.

In essence, eating at night triggered delayed spikes in gherelin, the hormone which stimulates appetite. In turn, this slowed down the release of leptin, the hormone that is chiefly responsible for alerting your body you have eaten to your fill. It is important to note that these findings were markedly different from those of the volunteers’ daytime eating schedule. The overall impressions were eating earlier on could significantly assist in curbing eating late at night. The latter of which now seems to be a nasty habit you could pick up in the context of your health.

Lead author of the research, Namni Goel, explained previous sleep deprivation studies had revealed weight and metabolism can be affected in part by eating late. The initial results of the sleep control aspect of this research paint a clearer picture of the various benefits of eating earlier on in the day.

Eating late, on the other hand, can be detrimental. To begin with, it can have adverse effects on weight, energy and hormone levels. Increased levels of glucose and insulin are prominent, both of which are related to diabetes.

Increased cholesterol along with triglyceride levels has been closely associated with a variety of cardiovascular conditions together with other health challenges. So, it is quite evident that developing the bad habit of eating late of night is clearly detrimental to your overall health and well being. Conversely, making it a point to eat your meals and snacks during the earlier parts of the day can prove to be highly advantageous.

Top 8 Healthy Eating Plans of 2017

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A recent study by GrubHub revealed the surprising way people are changing their attitudes toward certain eating plans.

People are more interested in healthy food, but not just any healthy food. Based on the takeout orders placed in 2016, GrubHub was able to identify the most popular trending diets in the United States. Due to the immense growth the top diets experienced compared to years past, these trends are likely to remain consistent in the near future. There are numerous variables that could have caused these jumps, such as the public’s increased awareness of food’s nutritional value.

Here are some of the most popular diets that you should try out this year.

Paleo is one of the most popular diet choices across America. It consists of foods which are more traditional such as meat, fish, and other animal products along with vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. The Paleo eating plan is popular in Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia and Austin, with its orders growth increasing by almost 370 percent in 2016 and still expected to grow more in years to come. Paleo stands to be the ruling amongst the healthy eating plans due to it containing no processed foods and allowing no addition of sugar. This diet also develops a great concept for it includes lots of veggies, adequate healthy fats, proteins and whole foods. This diet can also assist people who intend to shed off some weight, the reason being you fell full quite quickly, and cabs are limited.

Clean eating
This eating plan promotes healthy living and also helps shed off some weight. This is a way of enjoying whole food in their natural state and avoiding anything processed. Clean eating embraces healthy proteins and fats as well as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. It’s also preferred by nutritionists due to its healthy benefits

Low fat
This is another way to healthy eating plans across the nations. The diet is popular with men and women for various reasons. The men who are focusing on fitness prefer a low-fat diet such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grain products and a quality amount of lean and low-fat. These are animal based food which includes meat and dairy products. This diet helps control cholesterol and intake of fat, carbs, and calories. It’s generally low in fat thus making it of great help to those people who want to lose or maintain their weight.

Juice cleanse
According to the research, juice cleanses are most popular with women. Juice is pressed or squeezed out of fruits and vegetables and thus its nutritional value is very high. Juice is highly recommended due to its detoxification benefits (though these benefits are up for debate). Juicing may help the body to reduce the amount toxins naturally, and that’s one of the reasons its popularity has soared by almost 89 percent.

Raw Diet
This is also known as the “caveman diet.” There are numerous health benefits associated with this eating plan, especially the level of nutrients. Researched showed the popularity of raw food increased by almost 92 percent in 2016. Raw foods include unprocessed, uncooked and mostly the organic foods. Most of these foods include fruits and vegetables and sprouted grains, seeds, and nuts in raw form for maximum nutritional benefits.

This is another eating plan that’s enjoying immense popularity due to its rich nutrients. Veganism has highly increased in popularity by almost 58 percent in 2016 in comparison to the previous years. The growth is still expected to increase further in the coming years due to the rise in demand. The vegan diet contains only plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds; it includes no animal products whatsoever. Despite its popularity, this can be an expensive lifestyle.

Mediterranean diet
The Mediterranean diet incorporates healthy eating basics. It contains the most healthy diets such as vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains. This eating plan is known to reduce the risks of heart diseases possibly even breast cancer. Having grown gradually by 7 percent over past years, it is expected to remain popular in 2017 and coming years. The diet is also great for weight loss.

Ketogenic diet
No one would have that ketogenic diet would make it to this list, but the fact is many people are embracing it due to its immense health benefits. Although it has grown gradually by 5 percent from the previous years, it’s expected to increase in growth in 2017 and coming years. This is a low carb diet which provides numerous health benefits. It’s a great diet for weight loss and will also increase energy levels in the body.

Eight Super Healthy High-Fat Foods

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Eight Super Healthy High-Fat Foods

The title of this article might be a little strange to some people. It just seems to go against everything that dieting and health are about. We are used to hearing about foods that are high on fat being very bad for our health. This is true in many cases, but there are other situations when certain foods that are high on fats are very healthy for your body. In this article we are going to be talking about eight of those foods so that you can incorporate them into your diet.

1- Cheese

You might consider cheese to be a bad choice for a healthy diet, but the truth is that in moderation and without every frying it, cheese can be an extremely good source of calcium, selenium and phosphorus amongst other important nutrients.

2- Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is high on fats too, but they are the right kind of fats and there are plenty of powerful nutrients and vitamins combined with the antioxidants.

3- Coconuts

There are many people who are using coconut oil as one of the main sources of fatty acids for their diet. The coconut is highly loaded with fats, but they are quite different from most other fats and they include fatty acids that are extremely beneficial to the body

4- Yogurt

Even the yogurt that is full of fat is going to be extremely good for you. This kind of yogurt is loaded with a lot of useful probiotic bacteria that is going to make it easier for you to get the right kind of results for your needs. Make sure you avoid yogurts that are low o fat and high on sugars.

5- Chia seeds

The chia seed is not even supposed to fall under the category of foods with high fat content, but there is plenty of fat inside of a chia seed and the majority of those fats are extremely healthy omega 3 fatty acid fats that are known as “ALA”.

6- Whole eggs

There was a time when eggs used to be considered extremely unhealthy because the lack of knowledge on the type of cholesterol they have led people to believe that a single egg would have up to 75% of the required daily cholesterol intake, but recent studies have shown that the cholesterol in eggs does not affect the aunt of cholesterol that we have in our blood.

7-Dark Chocolate

If you love chocolate, you can eat it daily in small portions as long as you eat dark chocolate only. There is a large percentage of fat in dark chocolate and it also contains a very healthy and large dose of copper, magnesium and manganese amongst other nutrients that are very good for our general health.

8- Avocados

There are very few foods out there that are as good as the avocado. This is considered a super food by many people because it contain high amounts of omega fatty acids, protein, vitamins and many other nutrients. The avocado is very high on fat, but it’s the right kind of fat and it can be ideal for any kind of food that you are eating.


There are many foods that might contain high levels of fat, but they are able to provide the right kind of results for your health because the fat that they contain is actually good. It’s always a good idea to eat these foods in moderation due to the high amount of nutritional content that is provided by them. A good diet plan can always help you regulate your intake of foods that are good for you. Even the best foods can be bad for your health if you consume too many of them.

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